What is Trichoderma Mycorrhiza?

Mycorrhiza is the name given to specialized forms of fungi that grow on plants’ roots and spread deep within the soil. The fungal filaments within the soil are an extension of the root system and are far more effective at absorbing water and nutrients than the actual roots.

Whether you are an agricultural professional or a hobbyist gardener, mycorrhizae can help to promote the healthy growth of your plants by providing some major benefits such as:

Increase the Surface Area of the Roots

Mycorrhizal fungi essentially act as an extension of the plant roots they are linked to. This means that they can help to increase the surface area of the roots, which leads to improved water and nutrient uptake.

Increased Plant Hydration

Mycorrhizal fungi are able to absorb water from a larger area than the plant roots they are associated with. This means that even during periods of drought, mycorrhizae can help to keep your plants hydrated and healthy.

Superior Nutrient Uptake

Mycorrhizal fungi are also able to absorb nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and other micronutrients from the soil and make them available to the plants they are symbiotically linked with. This can lead to healthier plants that are better able to withstand disease and pests.

They can also increase the uptake of nutrients and may release into the powerful soil enzymes capable of dissolving nutrients that are more difficult to capture, such as the likes of iron, organic nitrogen and phosphorous, and other soil nutrients that are tightly bound.

Better Quality Fruits and Vegetables

The increased nutrient uptake made possible by mycorrhizae can also lead to tastier fruits and vegetables. In fact, many commercial growers rely on mycorrhizal fungi to help achieve optimal yields of high-quality produce.

Replicate Your Plants’ Natural Environment in the Wild


Mycorrhizal fungi are found in many different wild ecosystems throughout the globe. When you add a mycorrhizal supplement to your gardening practices, you can replicate growing conditions more reflective of those found in your plants’ natural habitats.

Over ninety percent of all species of plants in natural areas of the world can enhance plants’ performance because of their relationship with mycorrhizal fungi.

Reduce Transplant Shock

Mycorrhizal fungi can also help to reduce transplant shock in young plants. Thanks to the fungi’s symbiotic relationship with the roots, adding it into your plant care routine helps to promote healthy growth and establish the plant in its new environment more quickly.

Easy to Add to Your Gardening Practices


With a quality mycorrhizal supplement, you can easily integrate beneficial Trichoderma into your gardening practices. For example, our Great White supplement can be used in multiple ways, including:

    • As a light dusting for seeds
    • As a pre-soak/fertilizer for cuttings
    • As a shock-reducer for transplants
    • As a top feeding solution
    • As a hydroponic treatment


Slow Colonization

Mycorrhizal fungi are very slow to colonize. To repopulate areas that have been disrupted by common practices, it may be necessary to reintroduce the fungi to have plant performance dramatically improved. This process can be aided by using a high-quality mycorrhizal supplement.

Color Changes Over Time

Trichoderma mycorrhiza are colonies of fungi mold which begin with a transparent appearance but slowly turn yellowish or white before maturing and darkening to green or grey after it produces spores. As your mycorrhizal fungi change colors, this indicates that they are following their natural trajectory and are functioning as intended.

A Positive Symbiotic Bond with Your Plants

Unlike parasitic fungi, trichoderma mychorriza shares a symbiotic relationship with plant life. This means that the bond they form with your plants is mutually beneficial. While the fungus grows on the root network, it eliminates competing fungi while providing health benefits to the plant.


At Plant Revolution, we offer a wide range of beneficial supplements for the optimal health of your plants, including our Great White Premium Mycorrhizae – featuring beneficial bacteria and trichoderma. To get started with healthier gardening, view our complete range of products or contact us for more information.

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