Premium Mycorrhizal inoculants

Plant Revolution creates cutting edge formulas comprised of highly concentrated and diverse microbes for your plants. Transform your garden to a vibrant and vigorous landscape.

What We Do

What are Mycorrhizal Fungi?

Mycorrhizal fungi occur naturally on plant roots and aid the plant in accumulating nutrients, minerals and water from the soil. Mycorrhizal fungi are found all around the world and in every ecosystem. They can be easily introduced to everything from vegetable gardens to houseplants.

Enhance nutrient uptake and efficiency

Reduce transplant shock and stress to plants

Enhance probiotics in root system


9 species of highly concentrated and carefully selected endomycorrhiza

Beneficial Bacteria

15 species of beneficial bacteria, Trichoderma and other beneficial microbes

Microbe Supplements

Glycine, B-1 and Vitamin C to kickstart biology and root growth

Professional Grade

Great White has been used and trusted by the world’s top growers for over 15 years.


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Why use King Crab?

The key to nutrient uptake is beneficial bacteria. These active microbes unlock phosphorous and micronutrient reserves. They actively release enzymes that cycle organic matter. Use in hydroponics or soil from seed to bloom for best results


Premium Mycorrizae

Great White Premium Mycorrhizae

King Crab - Liquid Bacteria Product

Orca® Liquid Mycorrhizae

Myco Chum® Premium Microbe Food

Why use Great White?

Great White contains a full spectrum of beneficial biology, helping your plants achive their absolute best. These tiny workhorses unlock phosphorous and other nutrients crucial for plant growth and flower development. Use in all mediums from seed to mid flower for optimum results.

Confused on which products to use?

No problem! Just download our convenient feed chart to get all the information on our products and their timing in the plant growth cycle.