Understanding How Mycorrhizal Works and 10 Ways Your Garden Can Benefit from These

Have you tried cultivating your garden but experienced very poor yield? Are you tired of using fertilizers to grow your garden? In a new national survey conducted in 2018 by the National Gardening Survey, up to 77% of American households were involved in gardening, with 35% made up of older gardeners. Are you one of these gardeners or is your soil being uncooperative? If the latter is the case, you

Every Gardener’s Ultimate Guide to Soil Fungi

Are you wondering about the ability of fungi to improve your plant and soil health? Do you know what the largest known creature on Earth is? It isn’t a redwood tree or a blue whale. It is the mycelium of a humongous fungus measuring several hundred tons aged between 2,000 and 8,000 years. It covers up to 4 miles of the Blue Mountains of Oregon. Having robust soil means more

5 Major Ways Mushrooms Can Help To Solve The Problem of Food Insecurity

Do you have access to nutritious food at all times?   According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s 2020 report, 2 billion people are currently suffering from food insecurity worldwide.   1.03 billion of these people live in Asia, 675 million live in Africa, 205 million live in Latin America and the Caribbean, 88 million live in Northern America and Europe, and 5.9 million live in Oceania. The