A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding How Mycorrhizal Fungi Work for Your Garden and Plants Growth

Have you worked so hard on your garden but are seeing little or no profit? Research shows that about 400 mycoheterotrophic plant species, such as pteridophytes, angiosperms, and bryophytes depend on mycorrhizal fungi to provide them with carbon. If you have ever carefully cultivated a garden, you know the frustration of getting unattractive/stunted flowers, low yield, and a stunted root system. Gardening can heal individuals, ecosystems, and the planet, but

7 Best Ways To Use Mycorrhizae To Increase Your Soil Quality

Can your garden ever return to its previous glory with plenty of roots and healthy flowers? Do you know the reason why you have unhealthy plants? According to the Resources Conservation Service of the US Department of Agriculture, some natural land has seen a delcine in productivity of up to 50% because of desertification and soil erosion. This costs the USA about US$5,500 yearly. Over millions of years, all forms

How to Restore Soil Health and Improve Crop Production Without Using Fertilizers

Are you struggling with poor-performing gardens, sickly-looking plants, and low crop yields during every farming cycle? You may have done everything to improve your farm yields, including planting early, rotating your plants, and utilizing fertilizers, but nothing seems to work! Well, many farmers have been facing a huge decline in crop yields over the past few years due to climate change. However, research shows that soil infertility and an increase

Top Secrets For Growing Nutrient-Dense Foods Easily

Did you know that it is possible to regenerate your garden and grow nutrient-dense foods in a non-toxic way? If you are yet to embrace organic farming then you are certainly missing out on a lot! Growing nutrient-dense foods requires a proper balance between soil minerals and nutrients. Remember, your food tastes delicious because it has the right nutrients you need. Nutrient-rich foods nourish the body and naturally taste better,