What is Trichoderma Mycorrhiza?

Mycorrhiza is the name given to specialized forms of fungi that grow on plants’ roots and spread deep within the soil. The fungal filaments within the soil are an extension of the root system and are far more effective at absorbing water and nutrients than the actual roots. Whether you are an agricultural professional or a hobbyist gardener, mycorrhizae can help to promote the healthy growth of your plants by

The Ultimate Guide to Using Plant Success Mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizae products are essential for helping your plants achieve their full potential. In most wild ecosystems, plant species share a beneficial, symbiotic relationship with microorganisms that help expand their root systems and assist with water absorption and nutrient uptake. By using a supplement in your own gardening or agriculture practices, you can help replicate these ideal conditions in a more controlled environment. Today, we are going to cover best practices

The Hidden Value of Mycorrhizal Fungi: How Many Species Does Your Garden Need?

Do you grow cannabis? Is your cannabis struggling to grow because of harsh weather and soil conditions? According to research, the number of terrestrial plants that have a symbiotic association with mycorrhizal fungi is almost 80%. One of the best things about gardening, in addition to creating lovely landscapes and growing healthy, delicious food, is that you learn many new things about plants and soil every day. Over the past

4 Reasons Why Any 21st Century Gardener Needs to Test for Soil Microbes

Is your cannabis garden lacking nutrient absorption and growing too slowly to your liking? According to research by the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, a teaspoon of topsoil is said to contain up to 1 billion individual microscopic cells, as well as about 10,000 different species. Microbes are exceptionally diverse in both form and function, which explains why they are central to every form of life on Earth. Their