The Magic of Mycorrhizae

HOW TO MAKE YOUR GARDEN THRIVE WITH MYCORRHIZAE’S BENEFICIAL PROPERTIES Mycorrhizae is a friendly type of soil fungi that is part of many of your favorite plants’ ecosystems in the wild. When we grow the plants we love at home, they often miss some of the key nutrients they can draw from their natural mycorrhizal symbiosis. With movies like Fantastic Fungi there has been increased talk lately about the incredibly

Beneficial Bacteria for Plants

HOW THE RIGHT BACTERIA CAN HELP YOUR PLANTS THRIVE When you hear the word “bacteria,” you might immediately think of germs that make us and our plants sick. However, there are many species of beneficial bacteria for plants and humans alike. Bacteria are the smallest life forms on the planet, as well as one of the most abundant and oldest. Soil fungi helped shape the soil structure of Earth and

Microbes for Hydroponics

The science behind beneficial microbes is very complicated. Still, the fundamental reality is that beneficial microbes for hydroponics provide growers with a wide array of benefits that cannot be matched. This is not the case with sterilization methods such as chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, monochloramine, ozone, and UV. Many of these methods do not replicate the benefits that plants receive from growing in their natural environment. In fact, many plants share

What is a Mycorrhizal Product?

HOW TO PICK THE BEST MYCORRHIZAL PRODUCTS FOR YOUR GARDEN Mycorrhizal products help replicate the symbiotic relationship between beneficial fungi and the roots of plants that occurs in the wild. With a nutrient-rich mycorrhizal supplement, you can help your plants at home grow to their fullest potential and maintain more optimal health. HOW DO MYCORRHIZAL PRODUCTS WORK? Mycorrhizal colonization is an extension of the root system and extends well into